Trump Testifies to Save Company from “Corporate Death Penalty”

  • Trump Takes the Stand in Civil Fraud Trial, Hoping to Save His Company and Score Political Points

Former President Donald Trump took the witness stand in a New York civil fraud trial on Monday, seeking to prevent a potential $250 million judgment against his namesake real estate company and end to his ability to do business in the state.

Trump opened his testimony by praising his eldest son, Don Jr., calling him a “very honorable guy.” However, the judge, Arthur Engoron, at times seemed to lose his patience with Trump’s answers, telling Trump lawyer Chris Kise to “control him if you can.”

Engoron has already ruled that Trump, his sons Eric and Donald Jr., a pair of Trump executives, and the Trump Organization committed years of fraud by overvaluing real estate for better terms on loans and insurance.

Trump, who has described the trial as a “witch hunt,” claims that the loans were repaid and there was no victim. He has also said that his financial statements are “phenomenal” and that his actual net worth is “substantially more” than what the statements indicated.

The state has presented evidence of loan documents and requirements that Trump agreed to satisfy in order to get loans, such as maintaining a minimum net worth and submitting financial statements that are accurate in all material ways.

The trial is expected to last for several weeks. If Trump is found liable, he could be forced to pay $250 million in damages and could be barred from doing business in New York state.

Reframing notes:

  • The article originally led with Trump’s claims about the trial being a witch hunt and his sons being honorable. The reframed article leads with the stakes of the trial for Trump and his company.
  • The reframed article also removes some of the more subjective language from the original article, such as “iconic” and “phenomenal.”
  • The reframed article provides more context about the evidence that the state has presented against Trump.
  • The reframed article also notes that the trial is expected to last for several weeks and that Trump could face significant consequences if he is found liable.

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