About Us

We Sarkari Helpline are a community which is basically working on telephone directory, commonly called a telephone book, telephone address book, phone book. We provide the listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area to the subscribers and the services provide by us publishes the directory.

As we all know every private and government sector have their contact details which are provided to many of websites. But, when people visit to these websites to connect the call, they found most of the contact details are fake, invalid and not updated.

Sarkari Helpline is a web portal which is going to set the availability of fresh and real contact information which help people to connect directly through our website to the organization they need to connect.

  • VISION- To see the Sarkari Helpline as a public sector brand.
  • MISSION- To provide real information what people need.
  • VALUES- Customer satisfaction and clarity matters for Sarkari Helpline in terms of E-directory.
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  • PMO Updates
  • STD/ISD Codes
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