Twitter Payout

Twitter became the new social digital platform to earn money

Ever since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, he presents something new for his users almost every day and has done something similar once again. Now you can earn money on Twitter like other social platforms. There are many people who want to know how to earn money from #Twitter, let us tell you how you can earn money from Twitter.

To earn money from Twitter, you have to follow the rules made by Twitter.

  • Must have Twitter Blue Plan.
  • 15 M Impression in 90 Days
  • Must have 500 followers.
  • Don’t have a government gray tick account.

How to check if your account is eligible?

First of all, go to a web browser and search for Twitter Analytics. And login there to see your 90 days Tweet Impressions.

If it is more than 15 million then only you can earn money, if it is less than this, then you work hard to make your Tweets #Viral.

If you have more than 15 million, what to do next?

If this happens, login to your Twitter account in Web Browser. Here you will see the “Monetization” option. From here you have to create your own Stripe account. In which fill the bank account details.

In the next 12 – 15 days, you will get a mail through Twitter, where you will be told that your account is ready.

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