Bruce Lehrmann’s case : Higgins felt ‘hurt’ that she was ‘just abandoned’ after alleged assault

Brittany Higgins has told the court she sent an email to the police on 13 April withdrawing her complaint against Lehrmann and thanking them for helping her.

Higgins said she accepted a job in Western Australia but she was suicidal and felt very alone because she didn’t know anyone in Perth.

Higgins told the court that senator Linda Reynolds avoided speaking to her or going to events with her.

Bruce Lehrmann has admitted that the Australian TV Network Seven has been paying his rent past one year during cross-examination by Lisa Wilkinson‘s barrister.

The revelations were heard during Mr Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network 10 in the Federal Court on Tuesday afternoon.

Wilkinson’s barrister, Sue Chrysanthou SC, asked Mr Lehrmann about what he received in exchange for his interview with Seven’s Spotlight program earlier this year.

Bruce Lehrman has admitted under cross-examination that he lied to Senator Linda Reynolds in a letter written days after she entered Parliament House after spending hours with Brittany Higgins.

Lehrman was asked by Matt Collins Casey why he said in his “show cause” letter that he had left Canberra for Queensland, when messages from his mother showed he was still in Canberra.

Collins: “You’re surely not in Queensland on the fourth or fifth of April?

Lehrman: “Yes”.

Collins: “And you’re not in Queensland at all on the fourth or fifth day?

Lehrman: “Yes”.

Collins: “And here, in a letter to the minister, you lied?”

Lehrman “Oh, yes”.

Collins: “You accept that these messages confirm that you were certainly not in Queensland on 5 April, as you indicated in your letter to the Minister?

Lehrman: “Okay, yes.”

Collins: “What explanation do you give for that lie?”

Lehrman: “The plans at the time were… [to move to Queensland]; Why can’t I take myself back there.

The federal court also heard that Lehrman did not tell Brown in his letter that he had gone to the Capitol to work on a Question Time brief.

Collins asked him why he told the court last week that he had worked on the Question Time brief, but told Brown a different story.

He said he told Brown a different story because he was concerned about national security implications.

The court has now adjourned for the day.

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