Kennedy's presidential campaign outspent

Kennedy’s presidential campaign outspent its fundraising in the last quarter, leaving it with just $5.4 million in the bank.

Washington, 01 February 2024. In the realm of American politics, the landscape is shifting as Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his allied super PAC, American Values, make significant strides in their fundraising efforts. However, recent disclosures indicate that their ambitious campaign is already facing financial hurdles.
The latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports reveal that Kennedy’s campaign committee amassed an impressive $7 million in donations during the final quarter of 2023. This amount surpasses the fundraising efforts of prominent figures such as Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis during the same period. Nevertheless, the campaign’s expenditures outpaced its income, with expenditures totaling $7.7 million, leaving cash reserves at $5.4 million by the year’s end.

Meanwhile, American Values, the super PAC supporting Kennedy, experienced a surge in fundraising, raising a substantial $18.5 million in the latter half of 2023. Despite this financial influx, the PAC spent $13.4 million during the same period, primarily attributed to a significant refund to a donor, along with expenses related to consulting and ballot access initiatives. As of the close of 2023, American Values boasted a substantial $14.8 million in reserves.

Kennedy, who initially entered the presidential race as a Democrat, pivoted to an independent bid in October, eschewing a long-shot attempt to challenge President Joe Biden in the primaries.

However, the campaign’s financial maneuvers have drawn scrutiny, particularly regarding payments to Kennedy family members. The FEC raised concerns, prompting a response from the campaign, which defended the roles of Amaryllis Kennedy and Jackson Hines, both family members, stating that their compensation reflects their contributions to the campaign’s operational needs.
As an independent candidate, Kennedy faces the arduous task of securing ballot access across all states, necessitating substantial financial investment. Expenditures detailed in the fundraising report encompass a range of campaign essentials, including consulting, media production, printing, digital media, and event planning.

Moreover, the report underscores the significant allocation of resources towards security services, totaling over $500,000. Kennedy’s campaign has been vocal in its criticism of the Biden administration’s decision not to grant Secret Service protection, citing security concerns following incidents such as a trespassing incident at Kennedy’s residence and an arrest outside a campaign event in Los Angeles.

Notably, Gavin de Becker, head of the security company providing services to Kennedy, emerged as one of the largest donors to American Values 2024, further entwining the campaign’s financial and security interests.
As Kennedy navigates the complexities of an outsider bid for the presidency, financial management and security considerations remain paramount amidst a landscape fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

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