Cyber Scam Awareness

Important Notice for Canadian Citizens: Cyber Incident Reporting

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has been alerted to recent scams that involve impersonation of our organization. We want to emphasize that we do not initiate unsolicited phone calls to individual Canadians. Any unexpected calls claiming to be from the Cyber Centre are fraudulent. If you receive a call purporting to be from us, please contact us at 1-833-CYBER-88 or email us at to verify its authenticity.

Please be aware that reporting an incident to the Cyber Centre will not trigger immediate law enforcement actions, such as the investigation of cybercrime or other criminal offenses.

If you suspect that a cyber incident poses an imminent threat to life or involves criminal activities, we urge you to contact your local police services by dialing 911 or reach out to the RCMP. We encourage all victims to report cybercrime activities to law enforcement agencies.

Reporting a cyber incident plays a crucial role in helping the Cyber Centre safeguard Canada and its citizens in the digital realm. Your information enables us to offer valuable cybersecurity advice, guidance, and services.

You can initiate a report as:

An individual
A person
An organization
A small and medium-sized business
An IT professional
A large organization or infrastructure
A government institution
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