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Be Alert, Stay Safe: Reporting Online Fraud in Share Market & Bitcoin


  • Fall victim to a share market or bitcoin scam? Don’t panic! The Indian government has official channels to report online fraud and protect your hard-earned money.
  • Use verified numbers only: Skip the risky search on Google or social media. Always find customer helpline numbers directly from the official website of the platform or financial institution involved.
  • Watch out for fake help: Beware of unauthorized numbers claiming to offer customer support on platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram. These are often used by scammers to further exploit victims.

Report Online Fraud Instantly:

  • Dedicated Helpline: Dial 155260, a joint initiative by the Home Ministry and Delhi Police Cyber Cell, specifically for reporting online fraud.
  • Quick Action: Report promptly! Within 7-8 minutes of your complaint, the helpline can alert your bank and put your funds on hold, potentially saving your money.


  • Time is critical: The sooner you report, the higher the chance of recovering your funds.
  • Stay informed: Keep yourself updated about common share market and bitcoin scams to avoid falling prey.
  • Spread awareness: Share this information with your friends and family to help build a safer online community.

By acting fast and using the right channels, you can protect yourself from online fraud and hold scammers accountable. Stay vigilant, stay safe!

Additional Important Points:

  • You can tailor the call to action to specific audiences (e.g., investors, bitcoin users).
  • Consider adding specific examples of share market or bitcoin scams for better awareness.
  • You could also mention other resources for reporting online fraud, like the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal.

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