Treatment and testing of the poor in government and private hospitals of Delhi should be free – Ashok Goel

New Delhi: 2.5 lakh to 15 lakh rupees are being deposited for the treatment of Corona by private hospitals in Delhi and they are looting the Corona patients on which Delhi BJP Media Head and Spokesperson Shri Ashok Goel Devraha strongly reacted and said that with the connivance of Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal, private hospitals are looting people of Delhi in lakhs for Corona treatment. How will any poor or middle class family arrange millions for treatment in the time of Corona crisis.

Shri Goel said that the arrangement made by the Health Department of the Delhi Government to fight Corona is indicative of the inhuman behavior and insensitivity of the Delhi Government. On the one hand, the Chief Minister says that 2351 beds are empty in government hospitals and on the other hand, patients have to wander in order to get admitted in government hospitals, in compulsion patients are going to private hospitals and private hospitals are looting them. Testing in government hospitals takes 5-6 days, due to which testing is done in private labs, for which Rs 4500 is being charged.

Shri Goel said that the Chief Minister should be ashamed that he did not allow Ayushman scheme to be implemented in Delhi and deprived the poor families from the benefits of this scheme. If the Ayushman Bharat scheme was implemented in Delhi too, there would be no financial burden on the poor for treatment during this crisis. The manner in which Kejriwal is constantly lying about the number of beds for patients seeking treatment from Corona, it is clear that the Delhi government’s health department has cheated the people of Delhi in the name of safety and better treatment. As Chief Minister, Kejriwal should take this step himself to make such a system where the poor can be treated and tested for free.

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