Taiwan’s East Coast Shaken by Minor Earthquake; Tremors Barely Felt on Land

TAIPEI, Taiwan,24 December 2023 – A 4.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Taiwan’s sparsely populated east coast on early morning Sunday , according to the island’s Central Weather Bureau. The temblor, which struck at a depth of 16.5 kilometers (10.3 miles) in the ocean near Taitung County, caused minimal shaking on land and was not felt in the capital, Taipei.

The weather bureau reported minor tremors in Taitung County, a largely rural area, but no damage or injuries were reported. Residents in the immediate vicinity described a slight jolt, but the earthquake went largely unnoticed by the broader population.

While Taiwan sits along the seismically active Ring of Fire and experiences frequent earthquakes, this particular event was relatively minor and caused no major disruptions. Authorities continue to monitor the situation for any potential aftershocks, but none have been reported as of yet.

Important points:

  • Magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck off Taiwan’s east coast on Sunday.
  • Epicenter located in the ocean near Taitung County at a depth of 16.5 km.
  • Minor shaking reported in Taitung, but no damage or injuries.
  • Earthquake not felt in capital Taipei.
  • Authorities monitoring for potential aftershocks.

This news format provides a concise and informative overview of the earthquake event, highlighting the key details such as the magnitude, location, impact, and response. It also avoids sensationalism and focuses on factual information, making it suitable for a news report.

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