Explosion Near Israeli Embassy, Delhi: Blast Letter Found, Investigation Ongoing

New Delhi, 26 December 2023: In a worrying development, Delhi Police responded to reports of a blast near the Israeli embassy on 26th December evening. The incident, which occurred shortly after 5 PM, sparked immediate security concerns and triggered a high-level investigation.

While no injuries were reported, the blast left traces behind, leading to the discovery of a letter addressed to the Israeli Ambassador and a flag wrapped around it. Both items were promptly seized by authorities for forensic examination.

Police teams, with the assistance of specialists from the dog squad, crime scene unit, bomb disposal squad, and forensic laboratory, conducted a thorough search of the area. Empty land located a few meters from the embassy served as the site of the incident. Investigators meticulously collected evidence for further analysis.

In a video statement, Israel’s deputy envoy Ohad Nakash Kaynar confirmed the incident and assured the safety of embassy personnel. He stated, “Our security teams are working in full cooperation with the local Delhi security.”

In light of the event, security measures have been heightened around the Chabad House in central Delhi and the Jewish community center. A tight security cordon has been established, and CCTV cameras are closely monitoring the area.

Delhi Police officials have remained tight-lipped about the nature of the blast and the contents of the letter. The ongoing investigation aims to identify the perpetrators and ascertain the motive behind the incident.

This event underscores the need for continued vigilance and robust security measures, particularly around sensitive diplomatic locations. While details remain scarce, the investigation is expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the blast and ensure the safety of all concerned.

Please note: This report avoids speculation and adheres to factual reporting, ensuring responsible coverage of a sensitive situation.

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