Dr. Harshvardhan laughing over Ramesh Bidhuri's Statement ?

Dr. Harshvardhan clarifies his stand over Bidhuri’s unparliamentary remarks

New Delhi, After the controversy, Lok Sabha MP from Chandani Chowk, Delhi Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that he could not hear Ramesh Bidhuri’s remarks about his fellow MP Shri Danish Ali due to the uproar inside the Parliament House. Avoided his words. Said that he has always had respect for the Muslim community. Bidhuri’s statement is very harmful.

Dr. Harshvardhan clarifies his stand through his X(twitter) and He said that “I have seen my name trending on Twitter where people have dragged me into this unfortunate incident where two MPs were using unparliamentary language against each other on the floor of the House. Our senior and respected leader Shri Rajnath Singh ji has already condemned the usage of such unpardonable language by both sides. I ask my Muslim friends who are writing against me on social media today, whether they actually believe that I could ever have become party to usage of such derogatory language that would hurt the sensibilities of any one community? It is a notorious and fabricated story filled with negativity and is being used by some vested political elements on social media to tarnish my image.

In thirty years of public life, I have worked closely with lakhs of Muslim brothers and sisters in my constituency as well as with colleagues from various walks of life. Born and brought up in Phatak Teliyan in the historic gullys of Chandni Chowk, I have spent my childhood and grown up playing with my Muslim friends. I can state with utmost confidence and conviction that all Muslim brothers and sisters who have ever been in contact with me will vouch for my sentiments and behavior. I was overjoyed to have won as a Member of Parliament from the prestigious constituency of Chandni Chowk and this could never have happened if all communities had not supported me. I feel sad and humiliated that some people with vested interest have dragged my name into this. While I was no doubt witness to the jugglery of words being thrown at each other (which in fact the entire House was), the truth of the matter is that in the chaos that existed, I could not clearly hear what was being said. I have always stood by my own principles in life. And I have never been apologetic about following them, keeping the interest of my country and its people above everything else.”

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