Adani Hindenburg Case Verdict

Adani Hindenburg Case Verdict LIVE Updates: Court Backs SEBI Probe, Rejects Bid to Derail Investigation

Supreme Court upholds SEBI’s authority and dismisses reliance on third-party report in landmark verdict.

New Delhi, 03 January 2024: In a major development with significant implications for both the Adani Group and the financial market regulatory landscape, the Supreme Court today rejected key demands of petitioners seeking to derail the ongoing SEBI investigation into allegations of fraud raised by Hindenburg Research.

Key Verdict Points:

  • SC backs SEBI: The apex court dismissed arguments against SEBI’s handling of the case and expressed faith in the regulator’s ability to conduct a fair and thorough investigation. This reaffirms SEBI’s role as the primary authority for investigating market irregularities.
  • Third-party report rejected: The court dismissed reliance on the Hindenburg report as the sole basis for questioning the Adani Group’s practices. This clarifies that SEBI will conduct its investigation based on its own evidence and findings, not solely on external reports.
  • Focus on legal violations: The verdict mandates both the Government of India and SEBI to examine whether the Hindenburg report’s allegations regarding short-selling constitute any violation of Indian laws. If infractions are found, appropriate action will be taken as per legal provisions.
  • No immediate relief for petitioners: The petitioners, comprising several investors and activists, had sought a halt to the ongoing SEBI investigation and demanded a parallel CBI probe. However, the Supreme Court dismissed these demands, leaving the investigation primarily in SEBI’s hands.

Market Reactions:

Following the verdict, the Adani Group stocks saw a modest rebound on the Indian bourses. The decision also brought relief to the market regulator, providing it with unhindered space to conduct its investigation without external pressure.

Road Ahead:

  • SEBI’s investigation is expected to continue, with renewed focus on verifying the Hindenburg report’s claims against the Adani Group.
  • The Government of India may also initiate its own probe into the legality of short-selling practices mentioned in the report.
  • Further legal challenges from the petitioners cannot be ruled out, although the Supreme Court’s verdict has significantly strengthened SEBI’s position.

This developing story has significant implications for the Indian financial market and corporate governance. Stay tuned for further updates as the SEBI investigation and any potential government action unfold.


  • You can explore the relevant sections of the SEBI regulations on short-selling to understand the potential legal framework for any investigation into Hindenburg’s allegations.
  • Keep an eye on financial news outlets and official SEBI communications for updates on the progress of the investigation and any future developments in the case.

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