Uncommon Grounds Sweetens the Deal as Malta Bakery Says Goodbye

Delmar, NY, 19 December 2023: The aroma of fresh pastries in Delmar will take on a new twist as The Sugar Fairy Bakes prepares to replace the recently shuttered Malta Bakery. After just eight months, the bakery’s journey has come to an end on this upcoming Christmas, leaving a bittersweet note for local residents.

Opened in April 2023, the Malta Bakery aimed to bring a taste of the Mediterranean island to this upstate New York town. However, owner Stacie Blair announced the closure on Facebook last week, citing production and financial challenges as the main reasons.

“This was not an easy decision,” Blair wrote, thanking customers for their support and expressing hope for future opportunities. While Malta Bakery’s closure leaves a void in Delmar’s bakery scene, the sweet tooth needn’t worry for long.

Uncommon Grounds, a popular coffee shop just down the street, is expanding its offerings to include The Sugar Fairy Bakes. Chef Stacie Miller, already known for her delectable pies and treats, will now be crafting her magic at Uncommon Grounds, bringing a delightful fusion of coffee and confections to Delmar.

“We’re excited to welcome Stacie and her talent to Uncommon Grounds,” said owner Brian Jennings. “This is a chance to offer our customers even more sweet options and create a vibrant hub for pastry lovers.”

The Sugar Fairy Bakes is expected to debut at Uncommon Grounds in early 2024, offering an array of artisanal cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies. While Delmar mourns the loss of the Malta Bakery, the prospect of a new dessert destination with familiar faces promises to keep Delmar’s taste buds dancing.

Key points:

  • Malta Bakery closes after 8 months in Delmar, NY
  • Owner cites production and financial challenges
  • The Sugar Fairy Bakes to take over bakery space at Uncommon Grounds
  • Chef Stacie Miller brings her dessert expertise to Delmar coffee shop
  • New location expected to open in early 2024

This news story offers a bittersweet mix of closure and new beginnings for Delmar’s bakery scene. While the Malta Bakery’s journey may have ended, The Sugar Fairy Bakes promises to add a fresh chapter of sweetness to Uncommon Grounds, ensuring that Delmar residents’ cravings are well-satisfied.

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