Tata Drives into the Future with Punch.ev - India's First Pure Electric SUV from TPEM

Tata Drives into the Future with Punch.ev – India’s First Pure Electric SUV from TPEM

Mumbai, January 17, 2024: Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM), a subsidiary of Tata Motors, has made a historic leap forward in the Indian electric vehicle (EV) landscape with the launch of its first-ever pure electric vehicle – the Punch.ev. This compact SUV marks a significant milestone for Tata Motors’ EV ambitions and promises to shake up the market with its bold design, advanced features, and competitive pricing.

Punching Above its Weight:

The Punch.ev inherits the sporty and dynamic design of its gasoline-powered sibling, the Punch, but with a futuristic twist. Electric blue accents highlight the sleek grille, stylish alloy wheels, and aerodynamically designed body. Inside, the cabin boasts a spacious and comfortable interior with premium upholstery, a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system, and a plethora of connected car features.

Performance Packed:

The Punch.ev packs a punch when it comes to performance too. It boasts two battery pack options – a 24kWh and a 30kWh – offering a range of up to 350km on a single charge. The electric motor delivers a zippy 136hp and 242Nm of torque, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating driving experience.
Charging Ahead:

Tata Motors has addressed charging concerns by offering a variety of charging options for the Punch.ev. Customers can choose between home AC charging, DC fast charging stations, and even roadside assistance with mobile charging units. Additionally, Tata is rapidly expanding its network of charging stations across India, making it easier for EV owners to stay powered up.

A Game Changer for the Indian EV Market:

The Punch.ev is not just another EV; it’s a strategic move by Tata Motors to democratize electric mobility in India. With its competitive starting price of Rs 10.99 lakh (ex-showroom), the Punch.ev makes EV ownership accessible to a wider range of consumers. This is expected to significantly boost EV adoption in India, which is currently one of the fastest-growing EV markets globally.
Beyond the Punch:

The Punch.ev is just the beginning of Tata Motors’ ambitious EV plans. The company has already unveiled its new ‘acti.ev’ platform, which will underpin a range of future EV models across various segments. With its focus on innovation, affordability, and customer needs, Tata Motors is well-positioned to lead the Indian EV revolution.

The Punch.ev launch marks a pivotal moment for the Indian automotive industry. This stylish, powerful, and affordable electric SUV has the potential to disrupt the market and make EVs a mainstream choice for Indian consumers. With its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Tata Motors is driving India towards a greener future, one electric vehicle at a time.

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