Crime Against Women

Every female should keep these mobile apps effective against women’s atrocities

Legal help alone is not enough to stop the ever-increasing atrocities against women. In such a situation, technology is also proving to be a powerful weapon to help women.

For every smartphone user, girls and women who spend most of their time outside the home for education, employment, or other reasons, it is important to install women safety apps on their phones.

Here are some of the best women safety apps available:

  • Safetypin App: This app ensures personal safety with features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and directions to safe places. It also allows users to pin unsafe locations and provide help to others. The app is available in English, Hindi, Bahasa, and Spanish.
  • Raksha App: This button-equipped app sends an alert to the user’s family with their current location in case of a crisis. Users can select the contacts who will be able to see the location. Even if the user’s phone is switched off or in non-operative mode, they can still alert their loved ones by simply pressing the volume key for three seconds. The Raksha App also has an SOS function that can send SMS even from areas where there is no mobile data or internet.
  • Women Safety App: Like other women’s safety applications, this app is designed to share information related to the place and situation with the user in trouble with just a tap of a button. It also provides the facility to send all the user’s details to pre-determined numbers along with the link of Google Map. The app is also designed to click two photos simultaneously using the front and rear cameras of the mobile phone and upload them directly to the server. It also has three colored buttons that enable the user to choose the severity of the situation.
  • Smart 24×7 App (Smart24x7): This app is supported by various state police departments of India and ensures the safety of women and senior citizens. It sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in problematic situations as well as records voice and shares photos during panic situations, which can also be sent to the police.
  • Himmat App: The Delhi Police has advised women and girls to use the Himmat App. This is a free safety app. After registering on the Delhi Police website with all their details, if a user gets stuck in a troublesome place or situation, this app allows them to send SOS alerts as well as location details. Apart from this, audio-video from the smartphone can be transmitted directly to the Delhi Police control room, enabling the police to reach the scene within a short time.

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