Why Putin visited Saudi Arabia ? Know the facts


Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia had multiple purposes, driven by Russia’s current geopolitical situation:

Shoring Up Support in the Middle East:

  • Countering Western Isolation: As Russia faces increasing isolation and sanctions from Western nations due to the Ukraine war, Putin sought support from major oil producers like Saudi Arabia, which maintains close ties with the US. This visit aimed to portray Russia as still having significant international influence.
  • Strengthening Regional Partnerships: The visit aimed to solidify Russia’s position as a key player in the Middle East and build stronger ties with regional powers like Saudi Arabia. This could involve cooperation on various issues, including energy, security, and counter-terrorism.

Oil and Energy Cooperation:

  • Ensuring Stable Oil Market: Russia is a major oil producer and part of OPEC+, a group that controls oil output to influence prices. The visit aimed to discuss oil production and ensure stability in the global oil market, which is crucial for both countries’ economies.
  • Investment Opportunities: Russia sought to attract Saudi Arabian investments in various sectors, particularly in the energy sector, to stimulate its economy under sanctions.

Diplomatic and Geopolitical Strategy:

  • Promoting Russian Interests: The visit served as an opportunity for Putin to discuss other pressing geopolitical issues, such as the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and advocate for Russia’s interests in the region.
  • Balancing Relations: While Saudi Arabia maintains close ties with the US, Russia hopes to leverage this visit to strengthen its own relations and potentially create a more balanced geopolitical landscape in the Middle East.

Signaling to the West:

  • Demonstrating Russia’s International Standing: By visiting a major US ally like Saudi Arabia, Putin aimed to project an image of Russia as capable of maintaining international partnerships despite Western pressure.
  • Pressuring the West: The visit could be seen as a message to the West that Russia has alternative options and doesn’t solely rely on Western cooperation.

Overall, Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia was a strategic move to build stronger relations with a key regional power, secure economic benefits, and solidify Russia’s position in the Middle East amidst international pressure. The visit’s long-term impact remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly reflects Russia’s efforts to navigate the changing global landscape.

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