Top 5 Key Responsibilities of Canadian Parliament Members

Here are the top 5 key responsibilities of Canadian Parliament Members (MPs):

  1. Representing their constituents. MPs are responsible for representing the interests of their constituents in the House of Commons. This includes raising issues that are important to constituents, meeting with constituents, and helping constituents with problems they are having with the government.
  2. Making laws. MPs are responsible for making laws for Canada. This includes voting on bills, proposing amendments to bills, and participating in committee hearings.
  3. Holding the government accountable. MPs are responsible for holding the government accountable for its actions. This includes asking questions of ministers, participating in debates, and voting on motions of non-confidence.
  4. Scrutinizing government spending. MPs are responsible for scrutinizing government spending. This includes participating in the estimates process, reviewing the Auditor General’s reports, and asking questions about government spending.
  5. Serving on committees. MPs serve on a variety of committees that review and develop legislation, scrutinize government spending, and investigate issues of public interest.

In addition to these key responsibilities, MPs also play a number of other important roles, such as:

  • Serving as a liaison between their constituents and the government. MPs can help constituents to access government services and programs, and to resolve problems they are having with the government.
  • Promoting their constituents’ interests. MPs can use their position to promote the interests of their constituents, both in the House of Commons and in the media.
  • Building relationships with other MPs. MPs need to build relationships with other MPs in order to be effective in their jobs. This includes working with MPs from other parties to pass legislation and to hold the government accountable.

MPs play a vital role in the Canadian political system. By understanding their duties and responsibilities, Canadians can better hold their MPs accountable and participate more effectively in the democratic process.

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