Why Corona Testing facilities are not being provided by operating Mohalla clinics- Ashok Goel

Why Corona Testing facilities are not being provided by operating Mohalla clinics- Ashok Goel

New Delhi, 31 May. World class Mohalla clinics built by the Delhi government to provide better medical care to Delhi are closed today even admist the Corona crisis and Delhi government also deprived the people of Delhi from the benefits of Ayushman Bharat Yojana, giving a strong response Delhi BJP Media Head and Spokesperson Shri Ashok Goel Devraha said that nothing could be a bigger joke than Kejriwal government’s Mohalla Clinic in Delhi’s health sector. People of Delhi are feeling cheated today due to lack of health facilities. Delhi government hospital has 2500 beds and in private hospitals 2677 beds, so people have to visit private hospitals for treatment. At the same time, private hospitals are looting 4 lakh to 15 lakh rupees from patients for treatment, but today if the Kejriwal government had implemented Ayushman Bharat scheme in Delhi too, then the poor and needy people would have been treated free of cost.

Shri Goel said that the Kejriwal government has opened Mohalla clinics to the slum dwellers, but today the poster of the ‘Mohalla clinic is closed’ is being pasted there at the time of need and then somewhere the mohalla clinics are surrounded by garbage heaps and became animals place to live. The Delhi government is conducting Corona testing after 5-6 days after contact with the Corona infected person, if mohalla clinics were operated then the testing would have been done on time and the number could have been increased but in today’s time there is locks hanging on mohalla clinic. The Delhi government has directed people to stay in home isolation, by doing so CM Kejriwal is taking the people of Delhi towards the danger of community spread rather than keeping them safe. Even during the time of the global pandemic Corona, the Delhi government has forced the people of Delhi to want to get health facilities.

Shri Goel said whether Delhi’s Mohalla clinic was just an election stunt for the Kejriwal government? Why is the World Class Mohalla clinic seen in advertisements not available to provide health facilities to the people on the ground? Why are Corona Testing facilities not being provided by operating Mohalla clinics? Has the Kejriwal government, which patted its back in the name of providing better medical facilities to the people of Delhi, gone into sleep mode?

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