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Productivity during 21 days Lockdown amid COVID-19 Outbreak

As requested by our honorable Prime Minister, ShriModiJi we all would be locked in our houses for 21 days so instead of getting panicked and clueless let’s take this lockdown as an opportunity to do what we can’t during our normal lifestyle. Here are few things we all can try at home and feel good.

  • Health : Health is Wealth.

A healthy and fit bodyis what we all want to achieve since forever. For any practice to become a habit it takes 18 to 21 days, and we have this time. Try Yoga, Jogging, Skipping, Walking etc. during this lockdown & we may inculcate this practice as a part of our lifestyle.

  • Reading :Increases Focus.

We can finish all those books, which we always wanted to read but never got the time to read.

  • Cooking : Creativity.

As we won’t be able to order food from outside, so let’s try our cooking skills. Make all the dishes you would love to eat or a new dish you have recently surfed on internet. Satisfy your taste buds.

  • Spend time with family :A Real Quality time.

Take this outbreak as a family get together and sit together. Talk, this time you have enough time to discuss on many things. Play games. Discuss future plans and what your people are doing in their lives. Spend time with kids, parents, grandparents, siblings. Play with the kids and also regularly teach them.

  • Contact your one old friend each day : Happiness.

Our busy schedules are taking us apart from our chuddy buddies. Call your one old friend each day and just talk.

  • Gardening : Satisfaction.

As the season is very blooming these days, we can take care of our gardens and add new plants to the garden family. We can make our customized pots too. We can always take help from the google baba for our innovation.

  • Watch Movies & Web Series: Stay updated.

We all love our couch and TV. We can watch those endless movies we always wanted to and not to forget we can also explore n number of new web series these days. So just take a popcorn bucket and watch.

  • Give a Kick Start to your Business Idea : Futuristic.

Few of us are bored of taking orders from the bosses and feel like to start something of our own.Why waste time, Become your own boss and just start working on your business idea as soon as possible.

  • Entrance Exam : Towards a better life.

Since we can’t go out to work or to roam so this is a golden opportunity to just sit and finish syllabus of the upcoming examination.

  • Enjoy Navratri Festival : Spirituality & Thanksgiving

We can enjoy this auspicious festival and ask for strength to fight this tough situation to Devi.

Just be creative and try to find out other productive ways which may not be mentioned above.

Stay Happy, Stay Safe

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