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Preventive Measures for Coronavirus: Stay Home, Stay Safe

India has witnessed exponential rise in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks. Sensing the emergency, the government of India has enlisted certain advisories and safety practices to ensure containment of the deadly COVID-19 infection. The pandemic is making everyone wonder on the precautionary measures which can be ensured for the safety of all. This deadly virus has made its roots intact in almost all the countries which have further resulted in lockdown of the business, schools, transportation, economy and more.

We all have to play our part in order to prevent this infection to dive deeper into our lives. Enlisted below are three helpful pillars we all can follow to handle this outbreak.

The four don’ts of Coronavirus

Refrain from frequently touching your face, eyes, nose as the pathogens of the virus might make a way into our body through the mucous membranes.

Avoid going to crowded places. Be it buying your groceries or filling up your stalk of medicines, try ordering online and bound your external interface as much as possible. Also, limit your visit to hospitals or doctors clinic and try to get your consultation done over a phone call.

Symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. In case feeling sick, or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, cold, flu or fever, avoid steeping out and reach out to your nearest COVID-19 center or call the helpline number provided by the government for further support. Try to isolate yourself from other members putting up with you to stop the spread of the infection.

Avoid close contact with others as direct exposure puts you at risk of the infection because of the person to person virus mutation.

The four Do’s of coronavirus

It is recommended to wash your hands frequently with soap water for at least 20 seconds, especially if you have sneezed or have stepped out to a public place. Use of 70 % alcohol based sanitiser also helps to keep your hands virus free.

As far as possible, try staying indoors and limit your exposure to people. Try working remotely during this time and promote virtual meetings rather meeting people at office. Restrict your business travels and also discourage personal travel. Clean your house and frequent touched places on a daily basis. It is said that coronavirus can survive on surfaces for few hours or maybe days. Contaminated surfaces can be carrier of COVID-19 virus, so it is important to disinfect your house for a better hygiene.

Reach out for help in case you feel any symptom of coronavirus. Self-quarantine is the best protocol which you can follow during this emergency.

Lastly, adopting Social-Distancing

Deliberate steps should be taken towards maintaining social-distancing to stop the spread of the virus. Researchers have claimed that the novel coronavirus can be widely spread if we do not withheld the movement of the people. In case you step out, it is recommended to wear a mask in a bid to stop the reach of infection to others.

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