Assam Bhawan Helpline And Telephone Directory

Address :1, Lok Priya Gopinath, Bardolai Marg,
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi- 110021
Phone:230115551,23015552,23015553,(STD Code:011)
Name, Designation & E-mail Address Telephone Nos. Residential Address
Office          Residence
Sri Sanjay Lohiya 26116444
principal secretary 2687711
to CM & principal 26007059(F)
resident commissioner
Smt. R. Das Kalita  24672732 23795097(R) 12,Teen Murti Lane,
secretary & commissioner 26877048 8800678532 New Delhi- 110011
(IAS-AM-1999) 26118069(F)

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